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It's funny. I hadn't realized until fairly recently (thanks to [personal profile] meri_oddities who reminded me that there was life outside of work) just what an absolute bunker mentality I've had for the last half of the year.

The foundation that runs the museums I work for has lost over 25% of its operating budget in the last year, and the constant looming threat of cuts and layoffs has really affected everyone. We've all basically been keeping our heads down and quietly working hard and hoping we survive, and that's wearing after but so long. The last big cuts were announced in September. We've just this week done a huge shuffling of staff to fill in the gaps, which will have everyone a bit unsettled until probably January, when things slow down enough that everyone can get their bearings on their new sites. I have a feeling we'll take more cuts in the spring, though. I'm just tired of being stressed about it at this point.

On a purely selfish plus-side, I've survived thus far, which has surprised me a bit. My position is being rewritten for the upcoming year, though, to put me back into costume on site for 50% of my time, which I'm actually kind of looking forward to. I can work in all six of our outdoor living history sites in both museums, so I'm not sure at this point whether or not they'll assign me to a particular site, or just essentially parachute me in to any site, depending on who has the need at the time. I'm getting the feeling, based on the first part of November, that 50% of my time doesn't mean two or three days out of five, but four hours out of eight. I've started to slog in to work in jeans again, because I know I'm going to change into costume as soon as I get in. My clothing budget should go down this year, at least. :) And! I'm getting to do more fun historical craft-type things again! I've missed that! Most of my on-site time this month has been spent making an English fishing net. Yay!

Fannishly, in spite of my "I've been to this war before!" first impressions of Merlin, somehow I got sucked in by the 10th episode of the first season (which up until that point I'd only been casually watching, since it was on NBC this summer) and fell kind of hard. At first I was a bit annoyed with myself, because I wasn't really ready to leave SGA yet. But there was a lull and I'm weak and Jesus, those boys are pretty. Now I've just resigned myself to another fandom where I'm practically old enough to be the main character's mother and have stopped trying to wash the dirty off in favor of combing through people's delicious tags looking for fic recs. :) It's been a great distraction from real life. I didn't go to a single con this year, and I've missed the fellowship and shared squee. I'm hoping to see more of people this winter and Con.txt can't get here soon enough. :)


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