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Those of you who have bought houses before, why didn't you warn me what an utter pain in the ass it is? Closing day was Thursday. The day before, I had a friend visiting from out of town, so I took her over to the house just to show her where it was. When we walked around back, I discovered that the heat pump hadn't been replaced, which was added to the contract since it wasn't working on the day of the inspection. I called my realtor right away, and she started making calls. The seller said it would be taken care of that afternoon.

Next morning, my realtor and I did the final walk-through before closing, and the work still hadn't been done. And a non-functioning HVAC had been a walk-away point for me, before the seller signed the contract agreeing to replace it. Turns out, he apparently decided that he only needed to get it working again, due to our misunderstanding of the integral nature of heat pumps and air-handlers. (Wtf do I know about HVACs? The heat pump wasn't working; the air-handler was. He signed off on replacing one and servicing the other. If it turns out you can't replace the one without the other, too damn bad.) Both sides have lawyered up at this point. I'm told it's very clear he's in breach of contract and to just sit tight. We're just not sure how long he'll dig his heels in over this.

Meanwhile, my entire house is packed and I have a free weekend. I think I'm going to spend a chunk of it refinishing a table that I stripped and sanded down and never got back to a few weeks ago. So maybe there'll be one small accomplishment before it's over.
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