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My house hunting continues, with not much success, since I haven't moved yet. *g* I put an offer on the townhouse I mentioned in my last post. The owners, I was told, wanted to accept it, but we never heard anything official really, from anyone, and since it was a short sale, it wasn't really up to the owners. I was prepared to wait for a while longer, because I'd been warned that short sales could take some time. But in the meantime, another townhouse in the same subdivision hit the market and it's much closer to perfect. It's 10K more expensive than the first house, but has easily 10K worth of upgrades I'd said I wanted to eventually do to the first one, so it's worth the increase. The new one is also a short sale (I think any house in this neighborhood purchased after 2003 probably would be), so I asked my realtor if I could put an offer on the new house, too, and just buy one from whichever bank gets back to me first.

The answer to that is "No!" as it turns out, but it seemed like a good plan to me at the time. :)

So anyway, I decided to withdraw my offer on the first house and make an offer on the new, nicer one. That was last Wednesday. I asked them to get back to me with something by Tuesday. They got back to me last Friday with their counter (appliances will *not* convey, fine, whatever), which I initialed on Saturday. I was feeling crazy-hopeful at this point so I called my mother to share the news.

"I think I might have just bought a house!"
"I don't think it works that way. That's like being a little bit pregnant. You either are or you aren't. You've either bought a house or you haven't. What have you done?"

So I explained to her about how the sellers are all on board, but who knows where the bank is at this point. I'm a little comforted by the fact that the sellers' agent has hired someone to help facilitate the process with the bank. But at this point, I have a ratified contract with the sellers, and I'm told we should hear from the bank in the next week or two. So I might have just bought a house! :)

We'll see.
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