Sep. 1st, 2013 09:19 am
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I haven't posted anything anywhere since Christmas of 2010, so I suppose I'm past due with my annual "I'm not dead" post. So, I'm not dead! :)

Some days I feel like it's a close thing, though. Work responsibilities have doubled in the last 18 months, when everyone stepped up a level to cover for the loss of our senior director to cancer. So I've been in an acting position again, doing a job that is supposed to be done by two people because it manages over 100 staff across two museums. And after the last year, I can vouch to anyone who will listen that IT TAKES TWO PEOPLE, JESUS! I'm working my ass off and barely treading water trying to keep up. After a year-long international search, we're finally getting a new senior director from outside the organization, so I'm expecting all of our acting-position dominoes to fall back into their usual positions. I have a faint hope (faint, because I know what our budgets look like) that I'll stay where I am, so when the domino over me falls, we'll be back to having two people in this position. But we'll see.

So anyway, I've pretty much been out of the fannish loop, but it's been really nice seeing people posting again! So I thought I'd try it! Daily might be a shock, but at least weekly? Although stories about ducks might be all I manage--work's eating my life, and of all my staff, the ducks give me the least trouble. :)
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